New look for Disney Park Characters Mickey and Minnie

April 17, 2016

Every once in a while Disney characters receive a makeover at the Disney Parks. That way the characters remain attractive for a new and younger audience also.
The changes often are just slightly different, so the main look of the character stays the same.
No one would be happy with such a big change that we wouldn't recognise Mickey or Donald anymore, do we?

This is what Mickey looked like throughout the years.

Image via @HyperionPilot

It seems that Disney thought that the opening of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, 2016 would be a good opportunity to give Mickey and Minnie another makeover.

If you compare the photos of Mickey and Minnie from before and after the change you'll notice that their eyes, their smile and their nose look a little bit different.

images via @MagicalDLP

When i saw the new photos of Mickey and Minnie i thought they looked a bit more tanned than before. But the photos are a bit dark, so if that really is the case we can only judge after seeing more photos ór when we see them for real.
The slight changes on their faces are starting to grow on me. Mickey and Minnie look a bit more cartoonish after the makeover. And because they áre cartoon characters i don't think that's really a wrong thing.

The new poster of the new show 'Mickey and the Magician' showed a slightly different look on Mickey too. So maybe we'll be able to admire the 'new' Mickey character in this show at Disneyland Paris from July 2, 2016 too? I'll keep you updated!