Looking forward to Disneyland Paris' future with first female President

April 24, 2016

On April 12, 2016 it was the 24th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Fans might have expected some exciting news for the 25th anniversary, but instead Disneyland Paris made another huge announcement, which none of us expected.

Tom Wolber, the president of Eurodisney S.A.S. will return to the United States to take on operational responsibilities of the Disney Cruise Line and Catherine Powell will replace him from July 2016.


I feel quite sad seeing Tom Wolber go. Since his arrival many positive changes to Disneyland Paris have been made and the park is getting in a much better state again. I'd like to think it was him who is responsible for all this. And i want to thank him for all his work!

Even though i'm sad to see Tom Wolber go, i'm also very much looking forward to see what the future will bring with Disneyland Paris' first female president, Catherine Powell on board.

Catherine Powell runs The Walt Disney Company in Australia and New Zealand. Before that she led the Media Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
It seems she doesn't have that much experience with the Disney Parks yet. But she has a lot of media experience and she seems very innovative which are also very good things for Disneyland Paris. And i think there's nothing wrong with a fresh view on the company's strategy. This could bring some great new things!

I'm already quite impressed to see her interactions with the fans right from the moment the news was announced that she would become the president of Eurodisney S.A.S. It's very nice to see she's showing an interest in the fans and i really hope she will remain interested in our opinions. Also in the opinions from the fans who are not constantly present online with vlogs or podcasts.

Ofcourse there are many different opinions, some fans like this and others like that. But in the end i think we all want the same thing: a healthy company which includes a resort with two beautiful parks that are both worth visiting for a whole day or more, with a nice outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment area.
More attention to the Walt Disney Studios and Disney Village is definately needed i'd say. I love the style of Buena Vista Street at California Adventure and personally i would love to see the Walt Disney Studios turned into something like this. The Walt Disney Studios already has the Tower of Terror and a beautiful Front Lot area. I think this style would fit perfectly in the Walt Disney Studios.
Maybe this is just dreaming, but who knows!

I can't wait to see what Catherine Powell's influence will be.