It's Halloween-Lo-Ween Everybody!

After reading about all the plans for Disney's Halloween Festival at Disneyland Paris it was a long but exciting wait. Disney's Halloween season is finally here!

Last year we saw the Harvest theme with the new Cavalcade. This year the focus seems to be even more on the Harvest season and to me that seems a very good choice. The decorations look lovely and together with the cavalcade, the ghosts, the pumkins and pumkin men the park looks beautiful.

Decorations on Town Square

Wouldn't it be great if these cute little lanterns were available in the shops? I would definately buy those!

Decorations on Central Plaza

Also have a look at the buildings on Main Street U.S.A. There are many ghosts that take over the place.

Lots of Halloween decorations in Frontierland too.

It did surprise me that there were no decorations at all in Cottonwood Creek Ranch this year. Normally this is the area that is full with Halloween decorations. This year there are more decorations in the other area's of the park, but i had expected some decorations here. It would have been nice if a few pumpkins were placed here too.

There is a lot of entertainment in the park which brings a great atmosphere to the park. Parades, meet and greets, bands are playing in several lands, people dancing on the beat of the drums in front of Hakuna Matata Restaurant.

Another advantage of more entertainment is that the public is better spread over the park. Although it was very busy during the first Halloween weekend many attractions didn't have long waiting lines.
A perfect reason to bring back more entertainment outside the seasons aswell. Hopefully Disneyland Paris will do something about this.

Soon after the park opens Maleficent and the other Villains let everybody know they are in charge this season during The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade.

Maleficent and the Halloween Gang are back later during the day, on Maleficent's Court. Here she casts a spell on the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Disneyland Park. There is a giant bramble which looks very impressive!

There is even a dragon in this bramble. Can you spot it?

Mickey's Halloween Celebration is such a happy addition and has some beautiful floats. It runs three times a day. The catchy parade song Vive La Vie is the same song as last year and totally fits the parade.

This year there is lots of Halloween Merchandise at the shops. And a new shop on Main Street U.S.A, Flora's Boutique, sells seasonal merchandise, so you'll definately find Halloween merchandise here.

And last but not least, there are even Halloween snacks! Cute spooky cupcakes with ghosts and whitches, spiderweb pie and lots more. You can find these delicious treats for example in the Cable Car Bakeshop.

The Halloween Season is definately worth visiting and i'm glad i did. I wouldn't have missed this. It's more amazing than ever! Have you planned your trip yet?

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