Disneyland Paris also for grown up kids

Disneyland Paris has reached 3 million followers on Facebook. As a thank you they released a beautiful video with some amazing shots of both parks.

Have a look!

Wouldn't it be great if videos like this would be used as tv commercials too?

It would show Disneyland Paris in a totally different way than what everyone is used to.
Every tv commercial seems to focus on children. But in fact there are many teens and adults who love visiting the parks aswell.
The video above shows Disneyland Paris in a more mature way and it would be a perfect commercial to attract more adults.

Talking about that, there are a few more videos Disneyland Paris released recently which focus on (young) adults. And which would be perfect for a new tv commercial campagne:

Disneyland Paris also for grown up kids.

These are the other videos that were released recently:

Jen's Surprise Weekend

Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris