New sweet snacks available at Winter Efteling

November 11, 2018

New treats this year include the Stroopwafel DeLuxe, the Donut Ice Palace Special and the coolest cotton candy you've ever seen! Discover all the new, sweet snacks of Winter Efteling.

At the Bonfires at the 'Carnaval Festival Plein', in Ruigrijk and at the 'Ton van de Ven Square', you can buy a large stroopwafel with topping of your choice (€ 2.75). You can choose from two different chocolate layers: caramel sea salt (gold) or milk (brown) and three toppings: crunchy hazelnuts, disco dip (colored sprinkles) or mini chocolates.

During Winter Efteling special waffles are added. At 'De Suykerbuyk' you can buy a warm waffle with vanilla ice cream, hot apple compote, raisins, cinnamon sugar and whipped cream for € 4.95.

At 'De Kombuys' they offer a waffle with soft ice cream with chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce and a topping of crunchy hazelnuts, disco dip or mini chocolates for € 3.50.

And if you want to try something completely different then you could try this waffle covered in chocolate and mini chocolates on a stick for € 3.00 at 'De Flierefluiter'.

Have you ever seen such a nice cotton candy? This is a twinkling glitter cotton candy on a magic stick (€ 3.45). It's at 'het Seylend Fregat' and 'Het Suykerhuys' only during the Winter Efteling.

At the Ice Palace, the Snow Princess and the Prince Prince will eat a special donut every day. It's called the Donut Ice Palace Special and will also be available for you. The Donut Ice Palace Special is decorated with chocolate in the colors red and blue (€ 2.75).

Information and photos by Efteling.