New web app for Disney's Newport Bay Club

January 24, 2018

With 1,093 guest rooms, two restaurants and a conference centre, Disney's Newport Bay Club is Disneyland Paris' biggest hotel complex.

To help guests get the most from their stay, the On-Site Lodging and Communication teams have come up with a complete stand-alone web app. Introduced as a test at Disney's Newport Bay Club® in April 2017, this pilot innovation is really popular with guests, giving them anytime access to all kinds of information.

The objective is twofold: to provide 24/7 information about the hotel and services from any location, and advertise special offers and events at Disneyland Paris. The plan is to roll out the initiative across all Disney Hotels.

All you need to do to log on is scan the application's QR code with your smartphone or enter the web address in your browser.

Available in seven languages, it has a responsive design for optimum viewing on all types of digital device. Disney Hotels are going digital! Initial results are encouraging – most guests who have used the web app said they were really happy with it.

This innovation comes on the heels of other technology projects for the Disney Hotels (interactive TV, WiFi, etc.) – always aimed at providing more services and improving the guest experience.

Information by Disneyland Paris.

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