Disneyland Paris teases fans with Disney FanDaze posts

Last updated on September 29, 2017

On September 1, Disneyland Paris announced  that they will launch a new series of fan experiences on October 1, inspired by and created especially for Disney fans around the world. More information about the first announcement, from September 1, can be found HERE.

Unfortunately, we can't be at the launch presentation, but we'll try to keep you informed about the upcoming FanDaze events as good as we can!

Since the announcement on September 1, Disneyland Paris teases the Disney fans on Social Media with #DisneyFanDaze posts. 

We've collected them all for you here!

"If you’re a fan of Dreaming like never before, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze, our brand new medley of magical experiences just for you!"

"If you’re a fan of Discovering magical news early, stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peak of #DisneyFanDaze, coming soon to Disneyland Paris."

"Donald is always trying to push Goofy to try a big thrill. If you’re a fan of Daring adventures, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze!"

"Minnie can’t contain her excitement when Sleeping Beauty Castle is lit up. If you’re a fan of Dazzling nights, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Duffy never thought he’d be a swashbuckling pirate for the day. If you’re a fan of Doing the unexpected, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Pluto nose desserts at Disneyland Paris are super special. If you’re a fan of magical Desserts, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Daisy and Donald have got the magic moves. If you’re a fan of Dancing the night away, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"ShellieMay loves her daytime strolls through Disneyland Paris. If you’re a fan of Delightful days, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze!"

"These two lovebirds like nothing more than a night in Disneyland Paris. If you’re a fan of Dates with magic, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Daisy can’t wait to share our mouthwatering dishes with you. If you’re a fan of all things Disneylicious, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze!"

"Goofy is the top dog when it comes to goofing around. If you’re a fan of Daft fun, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze!"

"Donald is always on the lookout for exciting new adventures. If you’re a fan of uncharted Discovery, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Check out the joy on the faces of these cuddly friends. If you’re a fan of a Double cuddle, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"Minnie and Daisy love an excuse for a fancy parade or party. If you’re a fan of Divine celebrations, you’ll love #DisneyFanDaze."

"The wait is almost over! Details about #DisneyFanDaze will be revealed October 1! ✨"

Are you excited yet for Disney FanDaze?
We are very curious what Disneyland Paris has planned for us all!!

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