Reinforcement of the no smoking policy at Disneyland Paris

November 12, 2016

At the shareholders conference "Reinventing the Magic" on 28. September 2016, the smoking problem at Disneyland Paris was one of the discussed topics.

If you are interested in reading more about what was discussed at this "Reinventing the Magic" conference, check my Collection of Tweets.
In the latest Shareholders Club newsletter by Euro Disney S.C.A. the no smoking policy was further explained.

"Our destination is reinforcing the application of its no smoking policy across the Parks from September 2016, with more robust information for our guests and additional resources for Cast Members.
Not all of our guests respect the smoking ban at our Theme Parks at the moment – in spite of assigned Smoking Areas.

The ban is in line with the current legislation in France and is part of the global anti-tobacco policy of The Walt Disney Company. This decision is aimed at protecting our Guests, especially the young ones, from the damaging effects of tobacco and also the security problems related to Guests overcrowding in certain areas.

To improve the effectiveness of the policy, the management team at Disneyland® Paris has decided to develop a wide-scale communication plan for the reinforcement and application of the no smoking policy in our Parks starting 15 September 2016. This will also apply to electronic cigarettes.

For a number of years now, we have provided specially designated Smoking Areas at our Theme Parks for smokers. Smoking Areas are also shown on maps. These areas have bins with ash tray and benches. Some are covered and all are signposted. Starting this summer, more posters have been located along the route to the Park entrance turnstiles, especially at the travellators’ at the Guest Car Park and bag check points. Themed information panels are also being developed for providing information to Guests at our Parks but keeping in line with the themes and stories behind our lands.
The screens in the Disney shuttles that connect the Parks and Disney Hotels also stream a message informing Guests about the no smoking policy of our destination. The stickers on the municipal bins in our Parks are being updated with a no smoking logo.

Operational Cast Members in contact with our Guests will be receiving resources to help them in their daily interactions. A training guide based on the Four Keys has been created by the Produit et Développement Parc Opérations teams, where leaders will find advice to give to their teams on how to deal with a Guest who is smoking in an area where the ban is in place: the Courtesy Key."

Let's hope this no smoking policy will be very succesful!