Time schedule Swing into Spring 2015

The time schedule for Swing Into Spring at Disneyland Paris is here!
There is lots of entertainment and meet 'n' Greets so if you have a visit to Disneyland Paris coming up and you want to see it all then it might be useful to start planning.

For more information about Swing into Spring you can visit the page
Swing into Spring 2015 at Disneyland Paris.

Goofy's Garden Party 

Main Street U.S.A., Central Plaza
11:40, 12:30, 14:50 and 15:35

15 minutes, 4 times a day
Every Wednesday to Sunday (except Monday and Tuesday).

With 22 characters & 56 performers

Welcome to Spring 

Fantasyland, Royal Castle Stage
12:00, 13:00, 13:45 and 14:30

10 minutes, 4 times a day
Every Saturday to Wednesday (except Thursday and Friday).

With Mary Poppins, Bert, 4 pinguins & 14 performers

Minnie’s Little Spring Train 

Main Street U.S.A. and Central Plaza
13:15 and 14:05

2 times a day

The Jolly Holiday Band

Main Street U.S.A., Town Square
11:15, 12:00, 12:50, 14:25 and 15:10.

20 minutes, 6 sets with 7 musicians
Every Wednesday to Sunday (except Monday and Tuesday)

Meet ‘n’ Greet with Thumper and Miss Bunny 

Main Street U.S.A., Casey's Corner
10:00-12:00 and 14:30-15:30


Meet 'n'Greet with Minnie or friends 

Main Street U.S.A. Town Square near Liberty Arcade
10:30-12:00 and 14:30-16:00


Meet 'n' Greet with Rapunzel 

Fantasyland facing Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup