An impression of Epcot's International Flower & Garden Festival 2014

Last year my father and i discovered that we had planned our trip to Walt Disney World around the time of the International Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot (February 24 - March 5). This gave us the opportunity on our last day to experience the start of the Festival on March 5, 2014. Days before we could see the preparations and there appeared more and more flowers and topiaries.

I love Epcot, I love spring, I love butterflies and I love flowers. So there was no better way to spend our last day and no nicer way of saying goodbye to Epcot and to our trip to Walt Disney World.

As you can see Epcot was filled with flowers showing butterfly and flower figures.
Many different gardens and lots of topiaries around the park showing well known Disney characters.

On the first day of the Festival, there also appeared to be a butterfly garden where many different species of butterflies could be seen.


Lots of merchandise is being offered during the Flower & Garden Festival. Here a look what was available last year.


To remember
the first day of the Festival and our last day at Walt Disney World, i bought the Limited Edition Pin as a souvenir, which features a green topiary Mickey. This  pin has a pin-on-pin element (the butterfly).

We took lots of photos of the topiaries during our stay because most of them were already in place. And some photos were taken on the first day of the Festival. The topiaries can be seen throughout the whole park. Many of them can be seen in World Showcase. Below you can see several of the photos we took.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.
There is plenty more to see and experience during the Flower and Garden Festival, this is only an impression. To experience it yourself is even better.

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All photos without watermark are owned by Disney.