It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you walk you see Christmas trees, lights and hear Christmas music. The days are becoming shorter and therefore we all (or at least a lot of people) have the need to cheer up the place a bit and add some extra lights to the house.

 I took out my Christmas decorations again too and added several new things to it. 
Since about my first visit to Disneyland Paris i started collecting Disney ornaments for my Christmas tree. Every visit my mother and me look for new ornaments to add to my ornament collection.

Over the years i have collected a lot of Disney ornaments, so i can truely say that i have a Disney Christmas tree.
Together with some other kind of ornaments: little cupcakes, icecreams, candy, gingerbread house ornaments, snowflakes and little stars it's a very cheerful tree with lots to see.

This year i have some new ornaments again next to a beautiful new Disney decoration.
My mother made me a Mickey Christmas Wreath which is very beautiful!!  I'm so proud of it.
The Mickey Wreath hangs on my living room door, so I can often look at it just like my Christmas tree.

Because i often get the question from people what my Christmas tree looks like and people who háve seen it are very enthousiastic, i would like to share my Christmas decorations with you too.

Because it never really comes across in the picture as you would see it in real life, I made several pictures. Hopefully this gives a good impression.

I'd like to wish you all a Magical Christmas and a wonderful New Year!