Disney Book Collection

For many years i have been interested in books about Disney.
The first few books i owned were about Disney Animation and the history of Walt Disney himself.

But after i had been to Disneyland Paris for the first time in 1999, i also wanted to know more about the attractions, the park, the design.
I started searching the Internet for information about Phantom Manor and Pirates of the Caribbean. Such beautiful, detailed attractions with fantastic soundtracks, i had to know more about these attractions and how these were made and how it all worked.

Shortly after that i discovered discussion boards with many more Disney fan members, who shared interesting information about Disney and the parks. Articles on the internet made ​​me realize that there also existed books about Imagineering and so my collection began to grow with books about the parks, the company, imagineering, conceptart, posters etc etc.

I have added my Disney books to the website Librarything.com. Most of my Disney books are on this list.
In case you're interested or like to get inspired what books to buy, then you can click on this link: My Disney Book Collection
There is also the Librarything widget on the right of this website, which you can activate to check out the books.